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Why Agents?

If you've been reading Domo for a while, you'll know we've spoken about Real Estate Agents before now a few times. This is because we firmly believe the best thing you can do for yourself when buying or selling a property is hiring an Agent. Here's why...

If you’ve been reading Domo for a while, you’ll know we’ve spoken about Real Estate Agents before now a few times. This is because we firmly believe the best thing you can do for yourself when buying or selling a property is hiring an Agent. Here’s why…

Why you should work with a Real Estate Agent

There are so many reasons why a Real Estate Agent is essential for the best success in buying, or selling, a home. Although it’s perfectly possible for you to go it alone and take care of your house sale, or purchase, mostly by yourself (you’ll still need someone to take care of the legal aspect of it, and probably a surveyor unless you’re qualified to do these things yourself), there are real benefits to having an Agent on hand to help you. A quick recap of these are:

  • Unparalleled expertise
    There’s a reason Real Estate Agents have the job they do, and a large part of that is the sheer amount of expertise they have – which is arguably unparalleled.
  • Local knowledge
    This is a benefit for both buying and selling a property, but especially for buying. They can tell you things about the area you’re looking to move to, help you decide which area is best for you, which properties you should pay special attention to.
  • Marketing
    Although marketing isn’t impossible to do on your own, Real Estate Agents have means, methods and the ability to market your property to appeal to people who might be looking to buy or rent a property like yours. For this reason alone, they’re largely invaluable.
  • Industry connections
    You’ve heard the saying; “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” and in Real Estate, this couldn’t be more true. Unlike your regular Joe on the street, Real Estate Agents have a huge number of connections within the industry that they can use to their advantage to help you get the best price on your property, and get it done relatively quickly.
  • Support
    One of the main things your Real Estate Agent can give you is their support. Buying and selling a property, and even securing a rental property, can be extremely stressful and put a lot of strain on your day to day life. Even more so if you’re trying to juggle everything by yourself! One of the best things you can do is hire an Agent to take the majority of that responsibility off your shoulders; you absolutely won’t regret it.

Real estate, redefined

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