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Things to do on a Sunday: Re-purposing Old Furniture

Ah, Sunday again! While we love the relaxation that Sunday brings along with it every week, we also love putting the day to use – at least for a few hours – and getting something done that we don’t have time for during the week. Take that stack of old furniture that’s in the spare room, for example. It needs to be dealt with some time! This week, we’re doing to be talking about repurposing your old furniture and giving it a brand new lease of life – without breaking the bank!

How to give your old furniture a new lease of life

Whether your furniture is a bit damaged (and we’re not talking about broken beyond repair… you should probably just get rid of that stuff!) or simply doesn’t fit with your interior design aesthetic any more, there’s something you can do to bring it back to life! Many people have had brilliant luck with making their old furniture look new by making a few simple changes to it, and we’ll tell you about a few of those today!

Wardrobes and cupboards

Wardrobes and cupboards are pretty simple to bring back to life, and inexpensive, too. If your colour scheme is different, try painting them a whole different colour rather than just staining them again; white furniture goes down a treast, but why not try a gorgeous pastel colour?

Adding new handles to the cupboards can easily change their look from half-way-to-the-tip to totally chic in minutes, and it takes next to no effort!

Tables – including side tables and coffee tables

Tables so quickly suffer damage if not looked after properly; scratches on the top, dents in the leg – you name it. To get your tables looking awesome again, try to fill in any knocks out of the wood as best you can, and then re-stain or give it a lick of paint. You could even find a stencil and paint a pattern on to it – why not?


Chairs are likely to be a little more complicated than everything else, because for many of them, you’ll need material and the know-how to put it on. If you have this though, it’s a breeze – you can even use a staple gun! Just head out to your local material shop and pick up the material you like the look of to recover your chairs. If they have wooden segments, re-stain or paint. They’ll look gorgeous in no time.

Practically everything else

There’s very little that can’t be given a new lease of life with a bit of decoration. Find an old piece of furniture, do a little online research, and get to decorating. Your home will look extra lovely in no time, and without having to buy a tonne of new furniture!

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