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Things to do on a Sunday: Cleaning and Improving Your Garden

So, it's Sunday and you've got a bit of free time. You've done some work on the house, but what about the garden? For something to do today that'll help make your home a bit better, why not give your garden a clean up and work on improving it?

So, it’s Sunday and you’ve got a bit of free time. You’ve done some work on the house, but what about the garden? For something to do today that’ll help make your home a bit better, why not give your garden a clean up and work on improving it?

The Sunday Task: Cleaning and Improving Your Garden

Before you start making improvements to your garden, you’ll have to give it a good clean so you’ve got a great blank canvas to get started with. It’s not always the most fun task to take care of, but it is a necessary step. Here are a few things you can do to take care of giving your garden the once over and making it better.

  • Although we don’t mean to throw rubbish in the garden, sometimes it just ends up there. Take a couple of minutes to go around the garden picking up any rubbish that’s got loose out there and throwing it away
  • Arrange a collection for anything you’re storing that doesn’t need to be out there. The garden can quickly become a storage place for the things we need to get rid of, especially in the cold months. Don’t let that happen! Get everything piled up in the one place and arrange for it to be collected as soon as possible.
  • Garden maintenance: weeding, dead heading the plants, mowing the grass and taking care of any repairs that need doing will go a long way to getting your garden looking clean and tidy in no time.

Once you’ve cleaned up and you’ve got yourself a nice, clean canvas to work with, you can get going with the improvements. However you choose to do this is entirely your choice and down to your taste and budget. Here are some suggestions for garden improvement:

  • Get the professionals in: Whether to do some new paving, for a complete garden re-design or if you don’t fancy yourself a gardener, get the professionals in.
  • Get to planting. Planting some new seeds, flowers, or even a vegetable patch is a lovely way to improve your garden and have it looking and feeling great.
  • Arrange some lighting. There are lots of solar powered light options that are safe to use in the garden which give a lovely atmosphere as well as some light on darker evenings. Whether you opt for stand alone lights, or a string that you can arrange on a trellis, they’re a great addition to your outside space.
  • Paint your fences. One of the first parts of the garden to start looking a bit worn is the fence (and gate, and shed). Giving these a fresh lick of paint will give your garden a whole new lease of life.
  • Set up a patio area. This point could be considered a little bit misleading, since it doesn’t have to be on patio. Just put up a table and some chairs in an area that gets a little sunlight so you and your family have a spot to enjoy your freshly spruced up garden!

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