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The Story of Ikea

Or, tips for filling your home when you move in.

Or, tips for filling your home when you move in.

Ikea was founded in 1943 in Sweden by Ingvar Kamprad, then just seventeen years old. The company sells various “ready to assemble” furniture pieces, small motor vehicles, appliances and home accessories. Arguably, the company is best known for its affordable and incredibly stylish home ware and accessories.

We thought we’d take a leaf from Ikea’s production book (or catalogue?) and offer some advice on how to fill your home after you’ve moved in.

Making Your Home Your Own

You can buy a house and saunter in thinking “Yeah, I own this!” but unless you’ve got your own things in there, it’s not going to feel like it’s reallyyours. The only problem is, for many people when they buy a house is the first time they live on their own; they usually have absolutely no furniture, and just spent most of their money on a deposit and paying for conveyancing fees.

Sound familiar?

We thought so.

This is where Ikea come in; their affordable products make it easy to make your home feel like your own. Here are a few tips you can follow to get a great home without breaking the bank.

  • Start simple
    It can be tempting to run out and get the furniture of your dreamsstraight away, but consider the financial aspect of this. Starting simple will likely allow you to get everything you need, and you can replace things as you go along.
  • Go neutral
    You may find that the colour scheme you had in mind just won’t work with your home, and discovering this after you’e already bought all your furniture can be a real pain. Opt for a neutral colour scheme to start with — as we’ve mentioned, you can always replace things later on down the line. You never know, you might like the neutral colours!
  • Accessorise.
    Accessories are the home-stuffers-on-a-budget’s best friends. You can pick up some greenery, a few candles and maybe a couple of photo frames from Ikea pretty cheap. Adding them to an otherwise neutrally decorated room will make it feel a lot more personal, and a whole lot more like home.
  • Functional or stylish?
    Generally in this context, we’d recommend going for functional. Fortunately, when you’re shopping at Ikea you’re usually getting both in one hit. Ikea’s designs are fundamentally simple, elegant, and sophisticated, but their furniture and accessories are absolutely perfect for their purpose, too.
  • Stock up on storage
    If there’s one thing Ikea do exceptionally well, it’s their storage. From their popular Alex Drawers, to the Malm dressers and their never ending pages of shelves, the storage options are endless. You’ll never have enough storage, so we recommend stocking up when you’re first getting your furniture together.

We hope our tips have been helpful to those of you who have just moved into new homes, or are thinking of moving soon!

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