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The Future of Architecture: Green Building

It’s no secret that the worlds resources are dwindling, and fast. While buildings in themselves aren’t to blame for this, or any other crisis that the world is facing, there’s always more we can do to help combat the problem. With regards to property and architecture, that’s where Green Building – also known as eco friendly construction – comes into play. Although more and more people are adopting aspects of Green Building into their current homes; for example, the adoption of solar panels for energy creation, or conserving water for use in the garden and so on, the movement of Green Building as a whole is more than that, and knowledge of it is essential for more people adopting the practices.

What is Green Building?

Green Building is the movement towards building structures that are not harmful to the environment, with many aiming for them to be beneficial to the environment, and at least resource efficient, if not self sustaining.
There is no one particular style that these eco friendly constructions are being built in, but one thing they all have in common is their environmental conscious.

What makes a building “green?”

A green building will generally be the combination of its ecological features, as well as the material used to create it. Some commonly seen features of Green Building are:
– solar panels, to generate energy and water heating for the property
– water conservation; from simply collecting falling rain water to reusing waste water and treating it.
– locally sourced building materials, to prevent any adverse impact on the environment from moving materials across large distances.
– efficient insulation to keep warmth in the home, meaning less energy needs to be used in the first instance.
Although there is no one set style for this type of home, many people tend to opt for a more simple approach when building their properties. Indeed, some people wanting to live a more Eco friendly life opt for simply living in a Yurt, or Ger; which are essentially tents!

Why is the move towards more “Green Building” an important thing for the environment?

This architectural movement is important to the world for a great many reasons, but none more so than it educates people about the planet resource issue, and encourages them to do more about it. With more and more local authorities getting on board and offering incentives for eco friendly building and the creation of your own energy, we can foresee it becoming more and more prominent in the years to come.

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