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Finding a Home in Dubai

If there’s a city that screams luxury and incites in you a desire to at least visit and sample it, that city is Dubai. Located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a city well known for its astounding architecture, luxury shopping opportunities, wonderfully exciting lifestyle and an awesome night life that is virtually unmatched. If you’re considering moving there, keep on reading.

Finding a home in Dubai, to purchase or to rent

Foreign nationals in Dubai and the UAE as a whole have only been able to purchase property in Dubai since 2002, which is a relatively short period of time in comparison to a lot of places. For this reason, the growth in property construction and the number of expats living in Dubai has increased rapidly in the last ten to fifteen years.

With all that being said, now  is a particularly good time to look at moving to Dubai, particularly if you’re planning on purchasing a property (since you’re now allowed to!). So, let’s take a look at some of the things to consider when looking to find a home in Dubai.

  • Many of the expats living in Dubai are concentrated in specific areas, for the most part pretty close to the centre of the city. If you’re looking to immerse yourself more fully into the native culture, then perhaps consider a different part of Dubai to move to.
  • The crime rate of the city is quite low, so although many people use to live within secure complexes, there’s no real need to do so.
  • Property laws are quite complicated, and getting a mortgage can be difficult. There are quite a few limitations on where people can buy property, and the paperwork required for obtaining a mortgage, as well as the red tape surrounding it, can be problematic for many.

So, how do you find a home in Dubai?

  • First things first, be sure to research the places you’re looking to move to, the type of property you’re planning on moving into, and whether there are any restrictions on any of the things you would like to do.
  • If you’re looking to purchase a property, either ensure you’re able to buy it outright, or get started on your mortgage application as soon as possible to try and avoid complications
  • Research the property purchasing process, and be aware that many properties are being sold as leasehold rather than freehold; ensure you’re aware of the difference and the impact this can have on you as a home owner
  • Decide whether you’d prefer to immerse yourself fully in the city’s outstanding culture, or whether you’d like to live amongst predominantly other expats – then choose a home accordingly!
  • Finally, do your best to enjoy the process.

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