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8 Things That Make a Great Real Estate Agent

We’ve spoken over the last couple of days about why you need a Real Estate Agent, but there’s no point having a Real Estate Agent if they aren’t a great one.

We’ve spoken over the last couple of days about why you need a Real Estate Agent, but there’s no point having a Real Estate Agent if they aren’t a great one.

So, what makes a great Real Estate Agent? If you’ve never used a Real Estate Agent before and don’t know what makes one great, here’s the top 8 things we think are essential.

1. Communication

Open communication lines are a must when buying or selling property; and having a Real Estate Agent that doesn’t tell you a thing isn’t going to get you anywhere!

2. Expertise

This should go without saying, but the very best Real Estate Agents are experts in their markets. Got a question? They’ve got the answer!

3. Self Motivation

No one’s taking your Real Estate Agents by the hand and guiding them to the properties in their portfolio; they’ve got to get out there and get their work themselves.

If your Agent isn’t a self motivated go-getter, then they’re not going to be successful for long.

4. Honesty

Unfortunately, some Real Estate Agents earn the reputation of twisting the truth to suit their own ends, and this is absolutely the mark of a Real Estate Agent that’s not worth their salt.

You need an Agent that’s going to be honest with you about any problems, benefits and the entire process.

5. Local knowledge and connections

Local knowledge and connections go a long way in Real Estate, and the best Agents have plenty of both. Having recently sold a house in a particular area will give them intimate knowledge of how sales proceed in the area, and details of the environment itself.

6. Tenacity

Following up after each viewing, keeping at a problem, even if it’s causing stress, and going after things until they’ve got it.

Tenacity and hard work are key qualities of a brilliant Real Estate Agent.

7. Caring

Moving house is one of the most stressful times of your life, so with someone as intimately involved with the process as your Real Estate Agent, you want them to actually care about you, and the process.

Finding a Real Estate Agent that cares about you and the job they’re doing is a huge bonus, and a sign of a really great Real Estate Agent.

8. Reputation

Finally, reputation. If your Real Estate Agent isn’t afraid to hand over the testimonials of their last ten or so clients; without making a selection, you’re on to a good one.

Many Real Estate Agents that are great at their job develop an admirable reputation in the industry; look for someone like that!

Real estate, redefined

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