Domobase: a Manifesto

We have decided to establish Domo in order to introduce to the world our vision, our product and our team. We are Domobase and we are going to disrupt the real estate market. We are sailing for a blue ocean with a revolutionary mindset. And this is our manifesto.

Real estate and technology

As early as the public Internet began to emerge, a platform for dealing with real estate got established. Craigslist was born. It proposed both a way for offers to get listed and for demands to signal themselves. Unfortunately, demands did not take up because they were poorly organised, and it was much easier to look for a property as a buyer or a tenant than to look for a profile as a seller or a landlord.

The pain

Twenty years on and nothing changed that much. When it comes to real estate and the Internet, you still have to deal with listings. Certainly the latter got nicer and more organised, but the pain remains that, as a customer, you must manage yourself through so many offers. There is no other massive industry like real estate where the offer does not actively attempt to reach a demand.

Introducing Domobase…

Domobase is the next-generation online real estate platform. It takes the form of a simple mobile application where people and organisations looking for a home can sign up with their social network profile, define the type of property they want and suggest the locations where such a property should be located.

Our artificial intelligence then examines the profiles generated from our mobile application and automatically locates distinct real estate agents & landlords that may be interested with such demands. Our AI crawls databases from all around the world. Our team then uses our AI’s reports to get you in touch with a maximum of three agents & landlords, who will show you the best homes available in the market.

The pivot

As exciting as our concept might be, it did not take shape all of the sudden. I began to work in 2012 on an online maps-based solution for recording nuclear radiation levels worldwide. Leaving my environmental research and pivoting to Internet entrepreneurship (I spent more than 15 years online), I then turned the earned knowledge and engineering capital to work on a prototype for real estate agents to manage their portfolio of properties. This is where I came to know the real estate market. I immediately noticed some flaws in its economy and decided to work on the Domobase concept. It began with a web platform that had poor user experience as input. And about three years from the initial idea, the mobile product in its current form began to emerge.

Artificial intelligence

When it comes to artificial intelligence, there are only two degrees of performance that truly matter: cleverness and efficiency. Our AI is not really clever, in a sense that it does not need complex machine-learning conception to achieve what we want it to do. But our AI is extremely efficient. It crawls the worldwide web as well as dozens of national databases of records to find the right real estate agents and landlords for the demand we want to help.

The team

My name is Paul Fleury and I am a French Internet entrepreneur. I studied environments, law, business and politics at the University of Melbourne and the University of Amsterdam. I have been a crisis management consultant & asset manager and I also dropped from a Ph.D. application to establish or co-found several Internet start-ups turned SMBs over the past three years. My main associate in this project is Kristian Hristov. Kristian is a talented Ukrainian software developer. He now lives in Mexico where he makes a living from overseas freelancing. Our team is completed with Ivan Mihailov, a very skilled algorithmic and data mining engineer based in Bulgaria who shaped our AI. Both dudes share the same ambition as I do and we met a while ago on the IRC. You know, the thing that is older and better than Slack, and comes as open source and free.

The difference

If you look at the biggest disrupters in business history, you will find that a minority of them belonged to the previous Order. We at Domobase never directly worked for Fortune 500. Our CEO was not a partner at McKinsey and our CTO has never been an engineer at Google. We always worked as humans on human-sized projects. This down-to-earth approach allows us to clearly locate flaws in the economy that incumbents, locked down in their Ivory tower, are sometimes unable to spot. A philosophy inspired from anarcho-capitalism also promotes in us a deeply disruptive attitude.

The platform

Disruptions usually come from new platforms. Our ambition is to build one. Domobase wants to act as the main database where demands for real estate are recorded in a well organised manner thanks to geo-targeting. In turn, we wish to promote such demands to the finest agents & landlords managing or directly proposing the best market offers.


The opportunities that a platform such as ours would bring are endless. We could bring more synergy between the people who make up the real estate market. We could help customers save valuable time, to solely focus their attention on what matters, inspection. And we could make the market as a whole more liquid, as a financial instrument would do for an illiquid market.

And social responsibility

Our mission does not stop with increasing the efficiency of the real estate market and creating value for our shareholders. We also wish to contribute actively to the global village. Indeed, the value created by our platform might ultimately allow us to provide the financial resources required for the most disadvantaged but meriting ones to find & get a new home. Our ambitions on such a scale are endless as long as they remain economically sound.

We are happy to hereby introduce to you Domobase, the new online real estate platform that will allow you to conveniently find a new home.

If you are interested to use Domobase, please go to and tap “Get the app” to install our application.

If you are interested in Domobase as a real estate agent or a landlord, please register via to receive free notifications when our platform generates profiles in your areas of interest.

If you are a talented software developer or growth hacker, please do not hesitate to send us an email to or an SMS to +1 978–800–0003. We might be interested to hire you with an awesome wage, great benefits & fair stake. Yes, we use fun stuff such as Github, Front or Slack (yeah, ok, the latter is sexier than IRC after all).

Finally, if you are an Internet start-up investor, you can also send us an email to or an SMS to +1 978–800–0003 and we will provide you with some documentation about the investment opportunities we offer. You may also watch out for us in a near future on Crunchbase, AngelList and Mattermark.

– PF

Domobase is an online real estate platform that connects people & organizations looking for a property to buy, rent or invest in, with the best local real estate agents & landlords. Learn more about it @